-               Self Assessment

Honest and informed self-knowledge is the basis for building a culture of excellence. Parts of your organisation may believe that they understand all what is needed to implement the strategic goals; you may nevertheless want to challenge the mind set of the management. Self-assessment is a way of inviting your management teams into a process of shared awareness about the availability of resources and how they have been allocated.

It is also important to establish a common understanding of how well your capabilities and performance compare to leading examples from outside your company. By using EFQM’s frameworks for structured review and feedback, we help link leaders to what is happening in the front lines and help prioritise their actions. Self-assessment typically results in an improved and more effective commitment to change.

  • External Assessment

As much as it is crucial, internal awareness’ scope is as limited. If you want to be compared to the best, you have to compare yourself to the best, and accelerate your progress by learning lessons from outside your organisation.

You can detect where your advantages and greatest potential lie by seeking insights from outside and within your organisation and challenging how your capabilities and performance measure up.

A team of experienced assessors can lead you through the structured review of how well you are doing. We recommend that you incorporate external-assessment at the early stages of a major change initiative; as a way of preparing your organisation to apply for an award or as a stimulus to re-launch a business in steady state.

Business Box will structure the external assessment for you, select appropriate assessors, provide you with the frameworks and support necessary to manage the assessment successfully, and provide you with feedback and recommendations.


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