The secret to successfully implementing the EFQM Excellence Model, as with any management approach, is to integrate it into "the way you work".  Creating an EFQM Management Documentprovides gives your organisation a holistic overview of your strategic goals, the key approaches you have adopted and the key results you have achieved - in a simple, 40 page document.  These documents not only describe what you do but who is responsible for doing it and how it all fits together providing Management Teams with a comprehensive overview of the organisation.
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Our Leaders for Excellence training course is designed to help managers create a "living document", not only driving continual improvement within everyday operations but allowing you to easily complete a holistic self-assessment.  The EFQM Management Document can also be used as the basis for an EFQM Recognised for Excellence application, an application to one of the National Award schemes run by our Partners or an application for the EFQM Excellence Award. 

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The standard format, based on the EFQM Criteria, also provides an ideal platform for sharing and learning within the network.
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Excellence in Action