EFQM Assessor Training

EFQM or European Foundation for Quality Management assessor training is especially designed for those who desire to become a professional EFQM assessor. The training helps to develop essential assessor skills in people so that they can execute self assessment, internal assessment and external assessment of other organizations. Using the EFQM Excellence Model, the training will provide an in-depth experience (both theoretical and practical) of assessing an organisation.

During The Training, You Will Learn:

The Assessment Process
The EFQM Excellence Model
The ability to analyse an organisation
How to work in team and assessing
How to carry out site visit interviews
Assessing and scoring
Reviewing the interviews, consolidation and preparing the feedback
Final preparation of the feedback and presentation

After The Training, You Will Be Able To:

Understand the approaches to internal and external assessment
Recognise complex business issues and recommend realistic and practical solutions
Use and apply the ideas and details of the EFQM Model
Use RADAR (a powerful management tool) to drive continuous improvement
Working together with others to perform an assessment

Pre-Requisite Skills:

Relevant business experience
Basic Assessor Training (online course)
The EFQM Excellence Model promotes
collaboration, teamwork and innovation in both public and private sector organisations to help them compete on a global platform.

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