Achieving Sustainable Excellence

Many organisations may say they understand the concepts of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability, but can they demonstrate these concept’s integration into the way they work?

EFQM Committed to Sustainability has been designed to provide a holistic 1 day assessment of an organisation’s sustainability strategy. The assessment explores 4 themes; People, Planet, Profit and Products. With the integration of the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact into the assessment framework, an organisation going through the EFQM Committed to Sustainability will not only gain feedback on the impact and effectiveness of its sustainable strategy but also earn the “EFQM Committed to Sustainability” recognition.

Any organisation can be recognised through an assessment based on the EFQM Excellence Model. Recognition schemes are all about celebrating achievement and creating enthusiasm for progress. EFQM assessment is a great way to motivate your people and encourage systematic improvement. It provides a focus for learning and training. External assessments can serve as milestones during a long term programme and demonstrate achievement to your people, suppliers and customers.

Levels of Recognition

Depending on the score you achieve, you will receive the EFQM Committed to Sustainability 1 Star, 2 Star or 3 Star recognition.


Why apply?

Some of the benefits of applying for an EFQM Assessment and receiving a Recognition are:

       • Creating enthusiasm for improvement
       • Developing a culture of excellence
       • Receive independent feedback on your strengths and opportunities for improvement
       • Increasing the impact of your sustainability strategy

The certificate

The EFQM Committed to Sustainability certificate will grant you with the proof of your commitment and motivation to deliver excellent service. This accreditation will be valid for 2 years during which you also benefit from:

 ·        The use of the EFQM Committed to Sustainability logo in your commercial and promotional documents


·        Visibility through your organisation's name in EFQMs database on our website (with a 150 000 visitors a year)


·        EFQMs newsletter spread out to all of our members


·        EFQMs annual recognition book (available to download from the EFQM website)


 Certification will be through EFQM or representatives.

For more information, feel free to contact us at info@businessboxuae.com

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