EFQM Recognised for Excellence EFQM Recognised for Excellence

Chart your progress and be recognised for your maturity

The EFQM Recognised for Excellence is a peer-assessment carried out by a team of trained assessors from our member organisations. The insights this assessment delivers will help you understand how well your current management practices perform and pinpoint where further improvements could be made.

Recognition levels


       • Has demonstrated its ability to lead changes
       • Some good management practices are in place and impact positively on the results of the organization


       • Performs well in a number of areas and takes change seriously
       • Get things done and can demonstrate it has invested in some of the practices that will lead to success
       • Signs exist that some of the results achieved are going in the right direction


       • Is a high performing organisation where change is the norm
       • Improves, refines and simplifies the practices it uses to achieve its goals
       • Has ongoing results, in the line with its strategy

The certificate

EFQM Recognised for Excellence will grant you with the proof of your high-quality business approach, your ability to innovate and your commitment to deliver excellent service. This accreditation will be valid for 2 years during which you will also benefit from:
     ·        The use of the EFQM Recognised for Excellence logo in your     commercial and promotional documents


·        Visibility through your organisation's name in 


·        EFQMs database on your website (with a 150 000 visitors a year)

·        EFQMs newsletter spread out to all of our members

·        EFQMs recognition book (yearly spread out of 500 organisations)

Certification will be through EFQM or representatives.

If you want more information, feel free to contact us at info@businessboxuae.com.

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