Leading EFQM Partner in the Middle East.

Business Box was established for the purpose of capacity building and consultancy services to organizations that take improvement matters seriously. BBox was established with the objective of promoting the European Foundation for Quality Management EFQM’s Business Excellence Model in Dubai and the Middle East, being a consultant member at the EFQM.

BBox clients range from small and medium-sized enterprises to multinational companies and private, public or non-for-profit organizations at all maturity levels. Our aim is to elevate their performance to the utmost levels of Excellence.

BBox Founders:

Business Box was founded by Egyptian entrepreneur Samuel Beshay. Since his graduation, Mr. Beshay has chosen to pursue a career in organizational Excellence by providing organizations in Dubai and the Middle East with the management skills at the European standards. Mr. Beshay succeeded to sign the first distribution agreement with EFQM in the Middle East and earn the EFQM Assessor Diploma from Brussels; followed by the Validator Diploma and the Leaders for Excellence Diploma to ultimately becoming an Accredited EFQM trainer and Master Trainer.

Samuel Beshay was recognized By EFQM for being the first to initiate and translate the 2010 EFQM Excellence Model into Arabic and his contribution was described as the fundamental milestone for the penetration of EFQM into the Arab World.

Experience of BBox Team of Assessors

NAFE National Award for Excellence – Egypt

King Abdul-Aziz Excellence Award - KSA

DGEP Dubai Government Excellence Program Award - UAE

EGEA Emirates Governmental Excellence Award UAE

The Best Governmental Service Provider - Egypt

Abu Dhabi Award for Excellence in Government performance - UAE

AGEA Ajman Excellence Award - UAE

RAKA Ras Alkaima Excellence Award - UAE


BBox Services

Business Box offers key services in organizational Quality and Excellence through capacity building and consultancy. We can expose you to new, fresh insights brought in by teams of expert managers from peer organisations who are well-trained in assessment and feedback techniques, to give you structured perspectives.

We can advise you on how assessments can be conducted most effectively and easily by identifying where to begin, or by supporting you with more detailed and extensive feedback which includes how your global implementation of change is performing. We provide frameworks for different types of assessment to help you build up the necessary information and aid you with teams whether external or from within your organisation to achieve consensus on necessary actions.


Excellence in Action