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Leaders for Excellence is especially designed for managers who want to understand and apply the EFQM Excellence Model within their working environment.  Using real application documents and simple effective tools, participants will learn how to identify areas for improvement and adopt a structured approach to effectively address them.

This training is linked to building the EFQM Management Document, a simple way to documenting your organisation against the EFQM Model.  This document provides a good overview of the organisation that can be used internally and externally.

The Leaders for Excellence training has two levels of accreditation. Individuals who pass the course, will receive the official EFQM certification as "EFQM Leader for Excellence - Level 1". An additional certification, "EFQM Leader for Excellence - Level 2", will be given to participants who, within a year of the training, successfully complete within their organisation: a DMAIC improvement project or a self-assessment using the Business Excellence Matrix.

The Leaders for Excellence training is a good preparation for your organisation to apply for Recognised for Excellence recognition.

During this course, you will learn:

• The basics of the EFQM Excellence Model, the RADAR Logic and the Fundamental Concepts
• How to interpret an assessment feedback report
• How to use the DMAIC approach, and supporting improvement tools, to pinpoint and address the root cause of improvement areas identified
• How to use the Business Excellence Matrix approach to develop a Management Document for your organisation.

Who is this course for?

The "Leaders for Excellence" training is designed to get people in an organisation actively involved in using the EFQM Excellence Model to drive improvements. Following the training, participants should be able to start applying the skills they have learned to drive improvement teams or participate in a self-assessment.

Pre-requisite skills

• Relevant business experience
• Project management skills
• Analyzing skills

Valuable addition to your CV

Passing the Leader for Excellence course will certify you as an 'EFQM Leader for Excellence - Level 1' which will demonstrate to your colleagues and peers that you are equipped to the highest standard to lead performance improvement initiatives.

Upgrade to Level 2 certification on successful completion of a DMAIC project or self-assessment using the Model within one year of achieving Level 1. Note that a self-assessment and/or an improvement project as part of the EFQM Levels of Excellence programme would qualify.


To register and for more information, please contact us at training@businessboxllc.com.

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