Preparing a new generation of business leaders

Business Box is helping to prepare a new generation of business leaders by offering EFQM training and development opportunities built on practice-based learning and exchange between organisations. Initially focusing on training Business Excellence Professionals on how to assess an organisation using the EFQM Excellence Model, our portfolio has expanded to include courses on how to start your organisation's "Journey to Excellence" to Business Management training for Senior Managers and High Potentials.

Assessor Development

1. Basic Assessor Training
2. EFQM Assessor Training
3. Validator Training

Line Manager and Model User Development

1. Journey to Excellence
2. Leaders for Excellence
3. Internal Assessor Training

Training at your premises

If you have a number of people to be trained, we are happy to deliver any of our training courses at your premises. This training formula is increasingly popular for several reasons:
• You can determine the structure and objectives of the training in cooperation with the lead Faculty member so that, for instance, the course includes your organisation's specific tools and methodologies or company specific examples. We can TAILOR the training to your specific needs.
Confidentiality: employees can discuss openly in the knowledge that competitors are not present
• Greater flexibility on dates. In addition, timing and the agenda can be adapted to your needs.

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